Nurturing Creativity: Embracing Breaks and Rediscovering Artistic Flow

Nurturing Creativity: Embracing Breaks and Rediscovering Artistic Flow

Rediscovering Creativity After a Break and Reviving the Creative Spirit

Ah! – the artist’s journey- often a path filled with exhilarating highs and challenging lows. If you’ve ever embarked on the adventure of maintaining a blog then you’re probably familiar with the exhilaration of its inception and the unexpected twists that may follow. In my case, the path meandered a bit, but as I return after a break, I’m reminded that the creative spirit is resilient. So, let’s delve into the art of rediscovering creativity after a break and find out how stepping away can enrich our artistic endeavours. This article follows the artist’s journey through breaks and bursts of creativity. It explores the challenges and rewards of stepping away from the canvas, to learn how a hiatus can help rekindle inspiration.

Photo of harbour in Whitby. Artist’s own photo. Copyright restrictions apply.

Rediscovering creativity after a break: The Pause That Ignites.

Imagine this: a short break to North Yorkshire, accompanied by the laughter and energy of my two young boys. As an artist, taking a step back from the canvas can be a daunting decision, yet it’s one that can unveil a spectrum of challenges and rewards. So, grab your favourite beverage, settle into your comfiest spot, and let’s embark on a journey and explore what it truly means to temporarily part ways with our creative routines.

Navigating the Lulls: Challenges of a Creative Hiatus

Picture the rhythm of a painter’s daily routine temporarily paused – that’s the challenge I faced. To be honest, it’s something that I’ve had to get used to a lot during the school holidays. The seamless flow of artistic expression disrupted by the buzz of parenting two enthusiastic youngsters. But in this case, I’m talking about a more complete break i.e. with zero painting activity. The packing of sketchbooks and art supplies was a distant dream because being fully present with my family was paramount. Yet, returning to the canvas after a hiatus- even a short one- can feel like attempting to ride a bike after years of not pedalling. The strokes do not feel as effortless, and the well of ideas may momentarily run dry.

The digital world was another realm I stepped away from. Limited internet access revealed how intertwined our lives have become with the online sphere. As the virtual noise faded, a sense of disconnect emerged. Yet, this hiatus also granted space for me to be fully immersed in the present – a rare and beautiful gift.

Unveiling the Bright Side: Benefits of a ‘None-Creative’ Retreat

Amid the challenges lay a treasure trove of benefits. I’m not saying that my break was all unicorns and rainbows. There were sibling fall-outs, moaning, arguments over who won Uno, tears from overly adventurous scrapes, allergies flaring up and the icing on the cake- my car deciding that it would only let me use two gears on the way home from Whitby! But we all survived!!! And not only that, but my break served as a portal to rejuvenation- even the not so desirable moments. Hours spent on the beach, soaking in the beauty of new landscapes, and engaging with loved ones without digital distractions. These were real experiences and often I find that creativity can be found in the most unexpected places. So it was- that these experiences refilled my well of inspiration. Ideas for new projects blossomed, and my passion for art was reignited, brighter than before.

Boys enjoying the view. Artist’s own photo. Copyright restrictions apply.

Rediscovering the Artistic Pulse: Navigating the Return

So, how do you gracefully reenter the artistic arena? For myself, patience was the guiding star. Rather than demanding immediate excellence, I allowed myself the grace to ease back in. A journey back home, the joyful chaos of two little adventurers – they required my energy and presence. And I don’t regret one minute of my decision. If you’re a parent yourself, you’ll understand how quickly time seems to pass. Before you know it, those tiny babies have morphed out of nowhere into mini people with their own unique personalities. It really does all seem to happen in the blink of an eye.

But, practicality often nudges us to reestablish discipline swiftly. As a commissioned artist, timelines hold sway. Clear direction on ongoing projects and minimising potential distractions become key. For myself, It helped that I was partway through a commission but it’s certainly not as simple as just diving in where you left off. Music often restores my creative rhythm, above anything else, and in particular, the melodies of Jeff Buckley. There is just something about having a familiar tune playing in the background. The brain seems to remember, “ah this is the music that I paint to!”

Embrace the Unfolding: The Aftermath of a Creative Breather

A break in routine may usher in challenges, but within them lies the potential to emerge stronger and wiser. I think that this holds true for any length of break- that a creative hiatus can pave the way for newfound breakthroughs. And so, rather than seeing it as a problem, I embrace the journey, the hurdles, and the rewards that flourish from momentarily stepping away. My creative spirit stands revitalised and I really believe that it can actually be a blessing in terms of creative energy.

A Renewed Perspective on Creativity

As I return from my artistic interlude, I stand reminded that our journeys are woven with ebb and flow. Stepping away doesn’t equate to surrendering. Far from it- it’s a testament to the art of nurturing our creative essence. The canvas beckons, and I answer with a heart brimming with newfound joy and a palette primed for innovation. 🎨🌊

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